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811 Orange Park Avenue

From the 2011 LMNA Historic Home Tour brochure


Once upon a time in the 1920s a lovely home was built on a pretty tree-lined street. Eighty plus years later this home sat neglected and uninhabitable. Thanks to the efforts of current homeowners, Peter Radman and Ambra Magann, the home is lovely once more.


Little else is known about this rescued structure for even its architectural style is difficult to define. Ambra chose to highlight its craftsman elements while finishing the exterior. The interior was little more than a shell. The homeowners worked to create a comfortable home for themselves and their two young sons using materials that marry the historic with the modern world.


For over eighty years this house has known and served only two families. One of whom saw the rise of a community in an era of the pioneer spirit and the other that will see it into the future.

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