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158 Lake Morton Drive

This Colonial Revival home was built in 1901, by Mr. R.L. Mayes. Mr. Mayes was a city councilman and owner of a local citrus packing house.


John and Mabel Wright Lived in the home from 1940 to 1982. Mr. Wright was a well known real estate broker who was associated with Munn’s Lakeland Improvement Company. Extensive renovations were done by the Wrights during the 1940s or 1950s, changing the facade. A leaded glass entryway was moved from a local business and became the focal point of the home’s entrance.


Mike and Joy Martin purchased the home in 1989, and have patiently added their stamp of ownership to this historic site by installing several. unique pieces throughout. *

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* Adapted from the 2007 LMNA Historic Home Tour brochure

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