Good Morton!

The Autumnal equinox occurs at 9:15 AM EDT for the entire world. This morning's sunrise is delivered to the Lake Morton neighborhood.

October 10th [ 295 ] through October 16th [ 301 ]

366 Sunrises

Beginning on 21st, 2019, I began photographing the eastern shore of Lake Morton, from a consistent vantage point on the western shore, at about 15 minutes after the sun crosses the horizon. If successful, the project photography will illustrate the apparent movement of the sun from its southernmost position at the winter solstice to its northernmost on June 21, the summer solstice, and back again.

I am posting weekly updates and will follow with monthly and quarterly compilations until we reach there halfway mark, and then not again until we are back at the winter solstice of 2020.

For a calendar of all the stills since the 21st of December, please select a month from the main menu under "Good Morton!" or here:

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Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 8.14.23 AM.png

The compass direction of the sunrise in Lakeland runs from 116 degrees (ESE) at the winter solstice to 63 degrees (ENE) at the summer solstice, a range of 53 degrees. This map tracks the changes, by degrees. CLICK IT  to enlarge it.

Just north of the 366 Sunrises photo point, the City has installed a bollard to protect a (water meter?), and helpfully attached a placard that will link you to a website that tells the lake's history and describes the wide variety of trees that live and thrive at the water's edge. Nice.